Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome and What You are Getting Yourself Into

As some of you know, my husband encouraged me to do this blog. I believe he wants to give me a place to vent because I lost my office soapbox. And a 1 year old does not engage in a coherent political discussion, no matter how much reading material you give him. Therefore, I have joined the world of bloggers. 

Before we move on, I want to share my political perspective. I am a Liberal Democrat. I would not of said this 5 years ago. I would of said I was a middle of the road Independent. But the political spectrum has changed so much in the last 5 years or so, that being a Liberal Democrat now is basically the same thing as a middle of the road Independent years ago.

I have lived in a socialist country, although for only a short time. I loved it. Single payer healthcare, mandatory vacation, and less day to day stress imprinted on my heart and helped shaped how I view people. I believe everyone has value. Call me a humanist if you want. Or anti-corporation. Or even socialist. I don't care and you would probably be right to some degree. If you call me a communist, please look up the definition. I am not a communist. I believe the private sector does not have the best interest of people and the only instrument we currently have to protect people from corporations is the government. Which essentially is us.Remember "We the People"?

I picked the title of the blog based on a concept I have been teaching my Intro to American Government class recently. The idea that a democracy can not function properly with out a knowledgeable and active citizenry. It is even an essay question on the test they have tomorrow. I see my goal in class and here on this blog to help others be better citizens.

A word of caution!! If you comment on this blog, please be respectful. If you disagree, speak your mind. But no name calling or mean comments. See, my Father taught me a wonderful lesson in life. You can disagree and argue, scream and yell at each other until you make your mother cry, but at the end of the day, we are all family and you hug and say thank you for the political discussion. Needless to say, my Father and I have been banned from "discussing" politics around my Mom.


  1. Great post. I've always been somewhat of a political news junkie, but I've been horribly disappointed in the tactics and lack of substantive discussion among our "representatives" lately. I find myself longing for the days when politicians did what they had to do to get things done for the people and the greater good, not what had to do to fill their campaign coffers. I'll be staying tuned in for your next post... :)